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Here are some interesting places to live and see.

These are very interesting places to live that my mother and I saw when we were traveling this week.

The first one is in Mesa Verde. A very interesting place to visit

How they lived in Mesa Verde

Look how high up it is were they lived.How far down it is to the canyon floor in Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is in Colorado near the New Mexico border not far from the four corners area.

Now this is in Utah. It is called the Hole “n” the rock. What an interesting place to see.

Hole in the rock- Utah, 5000 sq ft home in the rock

Look at some of the neat things that are around this place.Hole in the rock- Utah, jeep the sets are made out of metal things and the stearing wheel alsoHole in the rock- Utah, jeep the wheels are made of all kinds of metal things

Hole in the rock- Utah, is this how we feel that our boss does to us - the double decker outhouse

hole in the rock, Utah, it is made of bowling balls

Hole in the rock- Utah, bull made out of metal

Hole in the rock- Utah, the sign that talks about this place.

These are just some of the things that are at Hole “n” the rock. There are so many things to see in southern Utah and the four corners area. From National park to the things that you can see along the side of the road like this: Wilson’s arch.

Wilsons arch, Utah

If you like coke product, in New Mexico on your way to Cortez, Colorado there is a restaurant that the owner has been collecting anything she can get her hands on that is from coke

were we stopped to eat in New Mexico on our way to Cortez, Colorado near the border everything is coke in this little city

We had a great time on our trip. Just wanted to share some of it here with you. We hope that you can come see some of the great things that the west has to offer.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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