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Tips you can use for cleaning the house as we did cleaning my sister’s rental house

We went to help my sister clean and fix up her rental house before the new renters move in. What a job that can be. Here are some photos and tips to help the job go quicker.

A hand held steamer works very well in getting the job done quickly. The kitchen is a place that gets a lot of grease so cleaning the cabinets can be difficult to get the grease off of them. The steamer can help with this, it cuts through the greasy mess. It makes the job go much quicker.

before cleaning the greasy dirt from the kitchen cabinetsusing the steamer to clean the doors on the kitchen cabinets
after cleaning the kitchen cabinets with the steamer to get the greassy dirt off

Cleaning the slats in the front of the micro wave can be challenge, but with a scrubber and a screw driver you can get into the small spaces and clean them out very quickly.

before cleaning the slates on the micro wave

cleaning with the scrubber and a screw driver to clean the dirt out of the micro wave

cleaning the slats in the micro wave with a scrubber and a screw driver to help get into the narrow spaces

after cleaning the slats on the micro wave

If you are using an air compressor and a sprayer you need to do some taping off before you do that or you will have some over spray to deal with later.

as he is tapping off to spray the base boards

tapping off to paint the trim in the hallway with the sprayer it is quick and easy with the sprayer

this is after it was taping off and  painting was done on the trim.

After tapping off the trim work and painting is done this is what you get. It looks very nice.

the parade of doors so that both sides could be painted at one time- out in the sun to dry

This is a good way to paint the doors on both sides at one time. Now it is a parade of doors as they are drying in the warm sun so that they can be put back on and the house locked up for the night.

My sister is cleaning the grout in the tile, she is using toilet bowl cleaner. If you use this make sure the windows are open and have a good mask for breathing through. It can be harmful if you breath it in. This job took her two days to clean all the grout in the house. A big area of tile to do.

before cleaning the grout

cleaning the grout with toilet boil cleaner and a scrub brush. Keep the windows open and have a mask to breath though.

after cleaning the grout

One thing that I do not have photos of is cleaning the glass in a shower, but here are some tips for cleaning it and helping it to stay clean.

To get the hard water spots of the glass use a s.o.s pad (dry) go over all the glass and metal to get the spots off. Spray with white vinegar and wipe it off. With a clean damp rag wipe it once more and dry it. When that is done and all the spots are off the glass put on a coat of rain x to help keep the spots from coming back. (Make sure that the windows are open for this step.) Depending on the what is on the shower walls you can do it with them as well. If you have tile it works very well. If it is natural stones be careful not to scratch them do not scrub quite so hard.

Note: do not use it on the floor of the shower it will make it slippery when walking on it. You do not want people falling in the shower.

Rain x works well on mirrors as well.

Cleaning the oven can be a chore but if you spray in white vinegar and sprinkle baking soda on the bad spots let it sit all night. In the morning spray it one more time with white vinegar let it sit for 5 minutes and wipe it out. if you have some spots left, rub with some steal wool and they will come right off. This makes cleaning the oven very easy with out the smell of the store bought stuff.

We hope that you can use some of these tips in your home as well. Let us know if you have some good cleaning tips that can help us and our readers.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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