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Small spaces that work with the way you live.

If you have a long narrow room and you need it to be used for different things in the one space, break it up into zones that can be used for those different things. Use mirrors to bounce light back into the space. Make a great focal point in the middle of the room to draw your attention into the room. Use the same color in the entire space to make it flow.


This video shows how these things can be done in a great way.


I really like tiny house movement. I think it is very interesting to see how they get so much into the small spaces.  Would you be able to live like this. I think that I could do it and like it very well. In this video it is a tour of a tiny house that they rented. It would be great for traveling and saving money at the same time.



This video gives some really good ideas to use in small spaces. Would you use some of them in your own home? I would.


I just had to add these videos because they are so different. Enjoy….



This is just to cute I had to put it in as well.

These things are just fun but I enjoy them I hope that you did as well.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

Small space storage ideas and more.

When you have a small space, use every space that you have. No space is wasted space. Under the stairs. If you have tall ceilings, go up… use that space as a loft. Storage in the floor boards also works to hide things away.


All you have to do is think a little differently about the things that you have and how you want to use them. The things that are in the space can work in two or three ways to add to the room. Use things that can fold away to give you more space in the room. Beds, tables, chairs are a few thing that can fold away to add more space in the room.


Stairs can also be a place to store things, with drawers built into them. These are but a few of the things that can be done to add storage to a small space.


This video gives more ideas and shows the ones that we talk about here.


What can you think of to add to your storage in your space that can help your life be that much better.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”



Lets play a game….

Lets play a game, how many thing did you see in this video that transformed or did double duty?

How many beds did you see transform.

How many different spaces can you use in these living spaces. Transforming rooms.


Small spaces can used in very creative ways to get a lot of use out the space that you have.  Things that transform or do double duty can add greatly to a room or a space as well. They can make your living a lot better if you are in a small space or a big space.

So how many did you see in the videos? Let us know in the comments area.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

(10, 10, 4,6 ) What did you find……

What can you learn from those that live in small spaces?

People that live in small spaces have to think outside the box so that they can have all the things that they need to live.  They need space to store things. Places to sit, sleep, cook and so on. Furniture that has more than one use. Things that hide away when not in use.


This video shows how he made use of the small space that he had.

If you are looking for furniture that does more than one thing check out this video.

You may not need to put four people in one room, but you can use the concepts of the space-saving furniture into your home. Think of the ways that you can use these things in your home to add more function to your home. If the bed hides away you have more room for children to play in the room and not all over the house.

It could be great for the office and guest room together.

Flexible furniture check out what this can do.

Add some extra space to your home by using this kind of furniture in your home. You are going to want to show this stuff of to your friends.

Now what can you do to your home to help you have more space  and live better in the space that you have.

Let us know the things that you like. Think outside the box and see what you can come up with.  Can you go up to add more space to a room. How about a platform that things slide into. Or like in some of these videos things that are against the wall and come down. What will you come up with to help you in your space.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

Some choose to live in small spaces, are you one of them?

I like the idea of the tiny houses. So many are going this way to save money and live debt free.  I found a video that has some very charming tiny houses. I know that it is not for everyone. They are really cute to look at.  Check  it out.

Charming Tiny Houses | Small but with Personality


There is a need for small spaces, but not everyone is going to want to live that  way.  This video show some of the things that communities are thinking about with small spaces and how they choose to work with them.


Intentionally small home: urban living in North Carolina

Bigger is not always better. We need to think about these kinds of things and make it more workable for those that want to live this way.

This is what some people are doing to live in small spaces and not have to deal with the regulations that cities put in the codes. They put the house on wheels.

Tiny Yellow House – Sage’s Gypsy Wagon

How do you choose to live?  Are you the bigger the better way of life person? Or are you the small space kind of person? Both are fine, it is just how you choose to live.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”


Small apartments, how do you make them your own?

If you live in a small apartments most of the time you can not change the paint color or floors. Things like this. So how do you make it your own and be able to remove it when you are moving. (These are also ideas that can be used in a small house.)

If you are in a studio apartment and you want some separation to make it look like different rooms in one room. This video gives you some ideas on how to do just that.


Small space living: my NYC studio apartment


More ways to do things that can be removed when leaving. In this video it gives some of the great things to do to help with this.


Five Interior Decorating Ideas for an Apartment

So some of the tips are:

Use furniture that has more than one use

like a day bed – a place to sit in the daytime and a bed at night, it might also have storage under it.

trunks- great for a table as well as for more storage like extra sheets and blankets for the day bed.

even book cases- If you are in a studio apartment  the bookcase can be a way to separate the spaces. If you want it more open space use a bookcase without a back on it so you can see all the way through. It can be used from both sides of the room. For a more closed off area use the ones with a back cover the back so that it looks nice from the back as well.


These are just a few of the ideas that can help you with your space.

These video is just for fun. If you own a small space you might want to think about some of these things in your space. They are things that would stay with the place if you moved. They might be harder to do for a rental apartment.  You could change them up a little to make them work for a rental unit as well.  Like two cabinets back to back so that they can be used for both rooms and as a way to separate the rooms and gives storage.

Hidden storage places.

Look at the way that they use cabinets in this space.

Sliding walls

and so much more.

Brilliant small apt fits everything – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces

In this video look at how they did the stairs and the wall so that the storage in the space is great for such a small space and things can be put away when not being used.

Brilliant small apt fits everything – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Space

For small spaces that you have to make everything count and use all the space that you have. Can you think outside the box and see the many ways that you an add to your space  to make it better. Do not forget to think up. If you have tall ceilings build a frame ( a loft type area) for your bed up high and have a work area under it.


Have fun add to your space the things that can help your life and make it better. Have things that will do more than one thing for you. Enjoy your space no matter how small it might be.

Let us know what you have done in your small space.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

Unusal ways to make things work in a home that is limited in space.

Check out this creative way to make a small space work with great comfort.

A family of three lives in 320 sq ft home, how do they store things an make everything work for them?

This home was make from scrapes and second hand items.

Now these are space saving furniture that can be used in any home of any size, but great for smaller homes.

Can you imagine this:

Many big cities have spaces that are very tiny, these are some ideas to help with the small spaces. You can do a lot with small spaces.What can you think of?

For small spaces, it is thinking about things that can do more than one thing in the space. We have seen many of these ideas. Have fun dreaming up your own small spaces and how you can use the space better for you and your family.

A child’s bedroom use the hide a bed idea so that they have room to play in the room in the daytime and the bed comes out only at night for sleeping. What a great use of space.

Small spaces, but big use of the space.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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