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Small homes & recycled goods to build a home.

In this video you get to see a lot of small homes. Some are old. Some are new. Some are funky. Some are cool to look at. What are the ones that You like the best?

small houses design

How can you help your community. These videos show how one man is doing just that. How can you help.

Low-income Houses from Recycled goods (1 of 3)

Part 2

Low-income Houses from Recycled goods (2 of 3)


Part 3

Low-income Houses from Recycled goods (3 of 3)


How can you help to recycle thing and move things like this forward to help lower income people have a home that they can love? I love the idea of the pickle plates as small round windows. What would you use? What ideas could you come up with?

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

Unusal ways to make things work in a home that is limited in space.

Check out this creative way to make a small space work with great comfort.

A family of three lives in 320 sq ft home, how do they store things an make everything work for them?

This home was make from scrapes and second hand items.

Now these are space saving furniture that can be used in any home of any size, but great for smaller homes.

Can you imagine this:

Many big cities have spaces that are very tiny, these are some ideas to help with the small spaces. You can do a lot with small spaces.What can you think of?

For small spaces, it is thinking about things that can do more than one thing in the space. We have seen many of these ideas. Have fun dreaming up your own small spaces and how you can use the space better for you and your family.

A child’s bedroom use the hide a bed idea so that they have room to play in the room in the daytime and the bed comes out only at night for sleeping. What a great use of space.

Small spaces, but big use of the space.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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