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How to transform your counter tops on a small budget part 2

We had some requests for more information on transforming your counter tops on a small budget. So here it is.

With so many looks that you can do with concrete to make your counter tops look beautiful why not try doing it for yourself. Concrete is very durable and can look very beautiful as well. If you have not seen what can be done with concrete then check this out and see for yourself. This product comes as a kit that you can do yourself. The video shows you how to do it.

Countertops, Overlay or Resurfacing, Do It Yourself

This is the acid stain for concrete. Check it out.

Acid Stain Concrete Countertop – Turquoise and Rust

These are a few of the things that you can do with concrete. It can also be used on floors as well. There are many more ways to make concrete look beautiful. Find out more for yourself if you like the looks of it.

I just thought that this was interesting how they did this so I added it in here as well. How they created a concrete sink. This may not be a do it yourself thing but it is great to see how it is made. check it out.

Making a Concrete Sink from Design to Production

This might be a little more pricy but it sure is beautiful to look at. Around the sink has no place for dirt to get trapped. I would use it like they did in a smaller area like an island. Check it out in this video.

Finished Product – Stainless Steel Countertop

If you like the look of butcher block than here is a project for you. Check out this video.

Butcher Block Countertop-DIY

How would you like one of these for your counter tops? What one would you choose for the look that you are going for? How are your projects coming along? Is it for the kitchen or the bathroom counter tops or maybe it is for both of them?

Have you decided yet what you like best? We would be interested to find out.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

How to transform your counter top and appliances on a small budget

Here are some ways to update you counter tops on a budget. These are do it your self projects. They do not cost a lot to do them. The first video shows how to use your existing counter tops but add a product to the top of the counter top to change the look of it.

CounterTop Transformation the Rust-Oleum way

If you are in an apartment or some place that you would like to change the counter top but take it off when you leave then you can use this method to transform the counter tops

How to cover old/ugly counters for cheap.

When you need to take it off, peel it off and to get the glue off use “goo gone” to remove the stick stuff off the counter top. If you can not find it in the store. Or you may have these house hold items that will work as well. Mix baking soda and water to make a past rub it on and rinse off with water and a soft rag.

If you have tile that is in good condition but you do not like the color of it. You can change it by doing this….. as shown in this video

Rust-Oleum Tile Transformations – Application Video

That way you change the look of the tile without adding to the landfill. It save money, time and the world of the added waste.

Do you want stainless steel and granite in your home without the expense of it, try the tips in this video.

EZ Faux Steel & EZ Faux Granite on The Rachael Ray Show

This one is not a do it your self job but it is to show what can be done to a concrete counter top,but what a good look it can be. Check out this video.

Concrete Countertops Training Preview

If it is something that you would like to try on your own this video shows step by step what is takes to do them.

Making a Concrete Countertop with Sink- Complete Steps

These are some ways that you can transform your counter tops and stainless steel on your appliances. They can transform your kitchen and bathroom counter tops to make it look better for less money.

Doing small changes can make a big difference to how things look. See for your self in your home. Let us know how they turned out we would love to hear from you on how things went.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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