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Organization tips

We can all use tips on keeping our homes organized. It helps us to get things done, when you can find the things that you need and do your projects.

This video is on organizing a small pantry with labels and baskets to keep things neat and clean.


An other area that could use some help in storage and organization is in the makeup area in your bathroom or bedroom.


Hope that these helped you with some ideas for getting organized


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

Tips for organizing your home

Tips for organizing a mud room….

Some things that we got from that video are:

* Use baskets to help hid the stuff that is stored in that room

* Hooks to hang up coats

* A place for wet shoes so that it is not getting all over the floor

* A nice welcoming paint color

The next space that you might need help in organizing is the garage

Some things that we got from the video are:

* Storage area that you can hang from the ceiling

* Work benches

* Storage space that have doors on them to hide the clutter

* Peg board for the tools

* The places that you can buy some of the things to help you get organized

* Making the floor look good can really add to the space


The next place that you might need help organizing is the fridge

Some things that we got from this video are:

* Use storage containers to hold things

* Squeeze bottles for dressings and things

* Use see through baskets to keep things contained


The next place is organizing the pantry

Some things that we learned from this video are:

* Storage containers that are labeled

* Have the things that you do not use as much on the top shelf

* Have a child friendly shelf snacks that they can have at a level that they can reach in clear containers


We hope that these ideas help you to get organized and some different solutions for storing the things that you need to store.


Let us know what you do that might be different that can help others as well. Type it in the comment area so that others can learn from you as well.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”



Helping with kitchen storage problems/solutions.

If you have a lot of spices and need some help with organizing and storing them, check out this video.


Some of our kitchen have hard to reach storage spaces. This video has a way to deal with it. Check it out.


More was to organize the kitchen cabinets. Watch this video.


Last is this video that has some great ways to stay organized around the house.


We hope that these help you in organizing in your home. The one that I like the best is the one for the remote control and being able to find it. What did you like the best? What was most helpful to you? We love to hear from you, please leave a comment.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”


Organizing your home office.

Organizing your home office may take a few steps to do that. Here are the steps:

* What needs to stay in the office and what can go some where else?
* Find ways to keep the things that are staying in order .
* Keep the things that you use the most closest to where you work so that they are easy to get to.

This is a video that helps with the these things.

There are different kinds of things that need to be organized in an office.
* Mail
* Paper work that needs to be filled or removed
* Supplies that you need.

Here are two videos that talk about organizing the mail and paperwork / files.

All of us need help in these areas. It is good to know how to deal with these problems. It helps us get things done quicker and to have more time for the fun things in life.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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