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Tips and tricks for updating your living room

Changing the look of your living room does not have to cost a lot. Here are some tips:

* If your furniture is in good condition, change the look by adding slip covers to your sofa and chairs. Pick a new color or pattern.
* Change out your pillows with different accent colors.
* Change the paint color in the room is an easy way to make a big change in the room.
* Change out the accessories to tie everything together.
* Area rugs are a great way to ground the room and define the space.
* It is a good idea to use the rule of 3,5 and 7 – for accessories – groupings of 3,5 or 7, maybe 3 different colors in the room, wall art in groupings of 3,5 or 7
* Repeating patterns and shapes in the room add interest.
* The use of different textures ( hard and soft, ruff and smooth),contrasting elements ( light and dark), matching elements ( same shapes in different parts of the room,or patterns)
* Make sure that the size of the things that you put into the room fit the size of the room. If you put really big things into a small room It can makes the room look smaller. Just like if you put a lot of small items in a big room it will look cluttered.
* Do you need a room to be used in a multitude of ways. Maybe you need a work area with a desk, a conversation area, a reading area all in one room. Define the different areas- in the conversation area use a rug to define that space from the other areas of the room.

Now that you have a few ideas from the list above. Choose some of them to put into your room.

Set your budget before you do anything. Stick to the budget. You might try thrift store, yard sales. You never know what you might find. Make sure that it is in good condition even if you need to make a few changes like painting it to match what you are doing in the room. This only makes it your own to add to the room and you can say “I did that”.

This video gives some of these ideas.

This video show a before shot and an after shot of the room to help you get some ideas for your room.

Look at magazines, if you find something that you like – see if you can find the kind of things that are in the photo. It does not have to match exactly, you are going for the feel of the room not an exact match. It will help you know how to put it all together, you have your plan for the room. Take your time in finding the right pieces at the price that fits your budget.

Have fun, make it your own. It might be fun to take some classes that teach how to repair, refinish and more so that you can do your own projects.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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