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How to decotate a great room to make it feel more cozy.

When you are decorating a great room, this kinds of spaces have many functions in one space. You need to define the different areas for the different functions. In a great room you may have an area for dinning, sitting and maybe the kitchen is included in the great room area.

Depending on the size of the room you may choose to do setting area around the tv, another area with the dinning table in it and a smaller area for reading area or an area with a desk. Define each space with an area rug to ground the space. Does this area have a focal point? If not you can make one using art work or a mirror on the wall to draw the eye up.

This video shows this. Check it out.

This is another video with great ideas for the great room decorating.

The fire place is the focal point in the setting area with the tv above it., the dinning area and the kitchen together. What a great job done here.

As you can see in both the videos the furniture is not all up next to the wall. There is space to walk around most of it.

Have things in each section of the room to tie it all together. Colors, types of metal or wood, accessories Check out this video to see what I am talking about.

If you want to add some dividers to the room to give a cozy feel try one or two of these ideas in your room

* A book case- if you use one that is open in the back you can still see through to the other area but it gives some separation to the areas. It is useful for storage for both area. If you want a more closed off space, use two book cases back to back. Each area of the space has storage and it gives more separation to the space.
* A fish tank that you can see though from all sides with beautiful, colorful fish would add interest and color to any room.
* A garden trellis hanging from the ceiling and at the bottom a planter with vine type of plant in it that grows up the trellis. This brings the outside in side the house and adds a separation to the spaces. (Note: the plant will need enough light for it to grow.)
* Standing screen is a good choice because it can be moved if you are having a party and you want the room to be total open.

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