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Tips for decorating a teen girls bedroom.

The best way to decorate a teen girls bedroom is to start with what they like.
* Choose a theme.
* Add some color to the room. It can be with paint or with accessories.
( accessories are easy to change out if you want to change the look of the room.)
* Make it fun as well as useful.
* It is good to have things that can do more than one thing ( a bench that is setting and storage.)
* If you are short on floor space use the walls with shelves, cabinets to store things on and in.
* Use different shapes over and over again in the room, circles, squares and so on.

This is a good video for showing how to add color and interest in the room.

A few changes to a room can make a big difference to how the room looks. In the next video you will see this.

If your bedroom is large or small you can make it look beautiful.

Make sure that you start with a budget and an idea of what you want to do and stick to it.

To help stick to the budget these things may help:
* Of the things that you already have, how can you change it to make it fit into the new design-paint it, add a design to it.
* Can you find things at a second hand store that will work in the space and the design that you have. This cuts down on the cost.
* Things that do more than one thing like the bed with storage in it.
* Use the wall space that you have to add more interest and storage space. It also draws your eye up.
* Floor to ceiling drapes they make a room look taller.
* Tall bookcases also help the eye move up.
* Can you make things that go into the room, this will greatly cut done on the cost.

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