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Our home show finds.

We enjoy going to the home show in our area. You never know the kind of things that you can find when you go. Today I am going to tell you about the find that we found this time. It is called Clear & simple and it helps you in organizing your life. You can look them up at http://www.clearsimple.com

We all have trouble keeping our homes free from clutter. These people help you to stay organized and clutter free.

Here are 10 tips to help with getting and keeping organized.

1. Create Home Zones
Create zones for each room or area according to the primary purpose. The bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, intimate connections, and refuge. Remove all items that don’t support that purpose. Create a home office, storage, errands, play zone, etc. This brings a sense of order and flow.

2. Containers for Order & Beauty.
Use containers within drawers, closets, cupboards and on shelves to add clarity and beauty. Then be consistent ( all white or wicker) to add that clean feeling and functionality. Lastly, label all containers for instant ease in returning to their home and zone.

3. Paper Flow Systems.
Capture all incoming paper ( and information) that comes into your space in a specific container and location. Sort this once a week ( just like the laundry) into RAFT – Reading, Action, File, & Toss. Then choose a 1 hour block each week to work on the action items. HINT: Make the Action Files vertical.

4. Family Communication Center and Gathering.
A. Create a Family Communication Center with a bulletin board to display cards and messages; a calendar with all family and individual activities; your paper system discussed above, two supply and two file drawers so all family member can find what they need.
B. As a couple/ family. Meet once a week to update one another on upcoming activities, plans, and desires for the week. Let this be a fum time and supportive time. Gather around the dining table, a fire, or sit outside.

5. Learn the Organizing SKILL!
Since only 10% of the population is born with the “organizing gene” most people don’t know where to start, what to do or how to keep it up. Start with learning the ABC’s of organizing. Contact Clear & Simple at http://www.clearsimple.com to learn our step by step approach that works for all ages, personalities and projects.

6. Keep It Up.
Have all family members participate in a daily, weekly, monthly Keep It Up or Put It Away time. This is a time to return all things to their proper homes. Even the youngest can put their toys away. Create visual lists / charts and post them visually to keep the project organized, simple, and fun.

7. Get a Buddy!
Change & growth are not meant to be done alone. It takes a team. Find a buddy that you can work together with on your organizing projects. Having support makes the process fun and keeps accountability in place.

8. Your Vital Documents Done! ( see the product page of http://www.clearsimple.com for help)
Choose to get your Vital Documents completed in the next three months. First, sort and gather what you have. Second, get the missing elements. Third, organize and put together in a fireproof safe.

9. Create Space for Miracles.
Set up a time monthly, quarterly and annually to clean out the buildup of papers, toys, clothes, and STUFF. This can be done as a room a month, or an area a quarter. The gift is space for new!

10. Simplify
Pick one tip, one home area or one project for each season of the year.

These 10 thing can get you started but they have a great ebook that can also help it is called “The ART of Letting Go”.

This treasure of a book will give you the inspiration and steps to clear the clutter that is dragging you down and keeping you stuck. ART stands for Acceptance, Release and Trust. Are you ready to let go?

To download this ebook go to http://www.organizenow.clearsimple.com
It is worth your time to go get it.

They have a lot of things on their site to help out with learning how to get organized and staying that way. We learned a lot from them just in the short time that we were talking with them.

If you are one of the 10% that were born with the “organizing gene” you might still learn some things by visiting this website. For the rest of us like myself their is a lot that we can learn from this site.

Let us know how it works for you.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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