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Start children out with a love for science by using these two commen household products.

Teaching children more about science is a good thing.Check out what some people are doing to helping the children do more with science.

Between these ingredients -baking soda and vinegar- is a fun early introduction to the scientific process. Trends in kids activities show that parents and caregivers are seeking educational activities when searching for things to do with their kids.

Doing simple activities with baking soda and vinegar can show a child the different dynamic reactions these two ingredients can cause. When food coloring is added to the equation, it is easier for kids to see the resulting reaction. Parents can get in on the fun by gently leading the science experiment with leading questions and observations.

When these ingredients are combined, a delightful fizzing action is observed. Different amounts of each ingredient will result in variation of the fizzy intensity. One variation even turns out to a liquid-like slime.

Why do baking soda and vinegar act this way? The chemical reaction happens when vinegar’s acetic acid reacts with the baking soda’s sodium bicarbonate to form carbonic acid. Carbonic acid falls apart into carbon dioxide and water. The bubbles come from the escaping carbon dioxide causing the fizzy reaction.

The legendary childhood science project is based on these ingredients, the volcano.


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