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Tips for choosing lighting for your home.

The amount of light that you have in a room can make a big difference to how the room looks and feels. In this video you will see the different kinds of lighting that can be used in your home.

Home Lighting Tips: Using The Right Lighting To Transform Your Home

It is good to have things planed out before you buy. This will help you to get the things that you really need, that will do the job that they need to do.

How many kinds of lights are there? To many to name them all here.

There are three main kinds of lighting categories:

* ambient (or general lighting)

* task lighting

* accent lighting ( this should be 3 times the brightness of the ambient lighting.)

In this video it helps you to know how much lighting is needed and how to plan out the lights in the room. Check it out.

Lighting Design Guide

This video goes more into the kinds of lights that you might choose for needs in the room. Check it out.

How to Choose Lighting for Your Home


Now go brighten up your home to make it a wonderful space to be in.

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