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Nursery- are you ready to decorate it?

You are in need of a nursery, but are you ready to decorate it. It can be stressful to get it all done in time.

Things that you need to decide before you start.

* Colors that you want in the room.

the-color-wheel-arvindh-swami        colorwheel-wc-1dvn9va

The cool colors are more peaceful when sleeping.  Any color can be used.  So many colors to choose from.

* Are you going to have a theme for the room- sports, boats, cars, animals to name a few.

* Is the room for a girl, a boy or you do not know yet.

* What kind of furniture are you going to need.


These are just a few of the things that you need to choose for the nursery.


This is a video that shows what you can do even when you are on a budget.


This video has some great things that are easy to make and are still useful and pretty in it.


This video is more on the organization of the nursery.


Enjoy the fun of making the best room that you can for the nursery. Leave your comments and questions.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”


Ideas for decorating your home for fall.

Fall is a great time of year with great colors to choose from to add to your home and make it more festive. It is a fun way to show guests the best of your home. This video gives some great ideas for fall decorating.

Using the great colors that fall gives us, yellow, orange, reds. Lights can add so much to any room. Things of the harvest, fruits, vegetables to name a few things.

Here are some great things to look at when it comes to fall and this time of years.

The beauty of the fall leaves.


The harvest of fall.




What beauty we have this time of year. It is time to bring it inside to enjoy. You can also add to the fall theme for the holidays that come this time of year with Halloween and Thanksgiving things added in at the right time.

halloween bats






What a great time of year it is to decorate and enjoy. Please leave a comment on the things that you like to do this time of year.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

Tips for decorating the mantle for all seasons

Sometimes we need some help with the mantel decorating to help show the different seasons.  These videos have really good tips for decorating the mantel for different time of the year.  Fall is a fun time of the year with orange, reds and yellows.


Home Decorating : How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantle for Fall


Now the change of seasons we go to winter and use silver a the main color.


Home Decorating : How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantle for Winter


Now to the change of season we go to spring. With all the flowers around you can choose many different colors.


Home Decorating : How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantle for Spring


For the last season we go to summer. A beach type theme for the fun in the sun type feel on your mantle.


Home Decorating : How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantle for Summer


Four different  looks  for the four different seasons. We hope that this gave you some ideas for changing your mantle for all the seasons.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”



Tips of hanging wall art in your rooms.

Hanging wall art is one way to tie everything together. It can draw your eye up to make a room look taller or show how tall your room is.

Wall art adds so much to the room and gives it a finished look.

So how do you go about hanging it so that you get the look that you want. This video gives some great tips for doing just that. Click on it to see.

How To Create A Modern Frame Wall | Hanging Picture Frames

Now how do you choose the right thing to hang up the art. This video shows how to get it in the place that you want it in as well as what to hang  it up with.

How to hang a picture- Ace Hardware


Now you know the placement and how to hang the art on the wall. Now it is time for you to try it for yourself. Let us know how you did with the tips that were given.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”






Choosing color for your rooms in your home.

When it comes to choosing the colors that you want in your rooms, it can be a big deal. With so many colors to choose from it can be hard to choose. This video helps you to know a little more about the colors and how they work together. Check it out.

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Room

Color is in more than just the paint color. It is in the window treatment, pillows, accessories, furniture and more. Some times a small amount of color can make a very big impact in the room. If you use to much of that color it can overpower the room.

Find something that can inspire you, a piece of fabric that might have a lot of different colors in it. A piece of art that you like. Use the colors in these things and build from that. You do not have to start at the paint store when choosing the colors that you want in the room.

Different colors can change the feel of the room. How much light is in the room can change the colors that you might choose. In this video they talk more about these things.

How to Choose Paint Colors


The use of the color wheel can help you choose the colors in your room. This video give some helpful ideas for how to use the color wheel. Check it out.

Interior Decorating Tips Using the Color Wheel


Color is a big part of our lives. As we add them to our homes we add to the feel and look of our homes. What better way to change the look without changing everything. Change your accent colors, but leave the main color the same and see what a difference it can make in your room.

Adding things like wood and metal  can change the look of the room as well.  Mirrors can reflect the light, it can change the look of the room and even make it seem bigger.

We hope that this helps in choosing the colors of your rooms. Have fun with it. Use magazines to get ideas, the rooms are already put together so you can see the direction that you might want to go with your own rooms. Make the room reflect you and the way that you live.  Enjoy the fun of choosing colors for your home.


Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”


How Can You Go Wrong With White When Decorating ?

When you are decorating your bedroom you should go
white. White can give you many different looks you are
trying to achieve like the eclectic bedroom,
minimalist, modern, and more. In addition, for a very
low cost, you can have an amazing look in your

If you are looking for an eclectic look in your
bedroom then you can use the white to accent and
create an airy expanse with touches of earth tones
throughout the room.

Keep the walls white and maybe use a white comforter
with earth toned bed skirts, pillows, floors, rug, and

The minimalist bedroom is easy to create and looks
fantastic in a room with dark wood flooring. Go for
the solid white walls, white bedding, and a white rug.
Use paintings with dark frames and white edges to
bring out the look.

The white will bring out the dark tones of the
flooring and the dark furniture and look absolutely
fabulous. In addition, the bedroom will remain light
and bright which is very nice.

Small bedrooms look very good with a modern look when
you take advantage of the use of white. You can create
a small focus point on the wall with a painting or a
picture, white bedding, and a colorful rug.

You want to warm up the room with browns and greens in
the furniture or the fabrics you use for the modern
look. This will make the room look much bigger and you
will be pleased with the outcome.

White in the bedroom can give you many different looks
you are hoping for. You don’t need to worry about
using many patterns and colors to have an elegant
looking bedroom because white really works for all

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

Decorating Your Home – Add Style By Bringing The Outside, Inside With Plants!

If you feel like your room is missing something and
you want to add a little extra then you should think
about adding fresh flowers and plants. You will be
amazed at the difference a tree, plants and flowers
can do for your room.

You might not be a big flower lover but if you are,
then you might want to look at decorating your room
with fresh plants that bloom flowers.

There are hundreds of different indoor flowers you can
choose from that will brighten up your room and look
absolutely fantastic. You don’t have to decorate with

You can find indoor trees and tall standing plants
that will make a big difference in your home also.
Vines and hanging plants are an excellent way to
spruce up a room too.

( trees, vines and flowers)

When you decorate with flowers, plants, and trees it
also changes the mood of the room. Plants are known to
provide a calming effect on you and make you feel

Added health benefits!

In addition, you are adding additional oxygen into
your home and removing toxins when you add plants
throughout your home. So, not only are you decorating
your home by making the rooms beautiful with nature
but you are taking advantage of the natural benefits
plants have to offer.

When you decorate your home or you are just looking
for accessories for something additional you cannot
forget to use plants, flowers, and trees. Your rooms
will look amazing with the difference you can make by
adding nature to your home.

Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

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